Multi-site UK brewery


Air leakage is the single largest waste of compressed air in the brewing industry.

This has implications both for the industry's energy usage and costs, and for the environment.


  • A recurring program established to identify, report and repair leaks as soon as possible to minimise losses.


IESA and a partner supplier presented the benefits of conducting an air-leak survey on a kegging line at one of the client's breweries.

Using ultrasonic leak detectors, a dedicated team identified and tagged all leaks and classified them by their industry-standard varying cost.

A comprehensive report was provided highlighting all problem areas.

The report also included associated potential cost savings, suggested replacement parts and a quote for repair costs.


  • The survey identified 63 different leaks varying from light and medium to heavy and severe.
  • Using the client's energy tariffs for the calculation, IESA and its partner supplier determined that approximately £17,000 per annum was being wasted in lost energy on this one production line.
  • The report determined that £2,000 would cover all repair costs.