Multi-site UK brewery


An IESA-initiated stores survey, in conjunction with one of our partner suppliers, identified that the company was purchasing ten different brands of ISO/VDMA cylinders.

There was no uniform price or lead time for the cylinders, which were also located in different areas of the stores.


  • To relocate the cylinders to a designated area of the stores, to improve efficiency and reduce time searching for replenishment parts.
  • IESA sought to standardise the cylinders by using fewer manufacturers, delivering cost savings and an inventory reduction.


The IESA field support team relocated all cylinders and surrounding stock within the engineering stores.

The IESA partner supplier was instructed to provide current costs for all cylinders by each brand held within the stores and to make their own recommendations on which manufacturer the client should use in the future.

The partner supplier was invited to the client / IESA monthly review meeting to present their recommendations and answer any technical queries.

The IESA purchasing team then checked the data to ensure all cylinders were competitively priced.

Two manufacturers with experience of supplying the brewery industry were recommended to the client.

The manufacturers offered expert product support, including a unique two-year warranty.


  • Rationalising the different brands of ISO/VDMA cylinders from 10 to two resulted in 23% cost savings.
  • This specific project also contributed towards the 10% stock reduction target that had been set by the client.