UK food manufacturer


To deliver procurement savings through improved vendor management, leveraging best price options, improving compliance with preferred suppliers and improve the collation of cost of product data.


  • To negotiate nationwide contracts with key suppliers that all the locations across the UK could use to leverage spend and reduce unit costs to the sites.


IESA has agreed arrangements with large nationwide suppliers and aggregated the client's spend with the rest of IESA's client portfolio.

IESA presented to the client the best suppliers in the marketplace for the different commodity groups which provided the best prices, best service and added value solutions.

IESA has used the MyMRO website to assist the client to push spend through the correct suppliers to ensure best prices in the marketplace are achieved. This has been delivered by providing a wide range of 'punch out' catalogues as well as our stores envoys intercepting orders placed by engineers with the 'non preferred' suppliers.


  • In the first half of 2013 IESA saved the client over £150,000 and reduced the number of suppliers used by over 20%.