Market leading automotive manufacturer


To relocate the stores facility off site and hand back to the client a 30,000 sq. foot facility within a defined timeframe.

This reclaimed space would be used for additional manufacturing space.


  • The client expected IESA to relocate over 5,500 items within a defined time period with no impact on supply to the factory or on the operational performance of the warehouse.


A specially-designed warehouse facility was identified and sourced within 500 metres of the plant.

The site utilised a best-practise approach, factoring in fast /slow moving / size / product groupings to ensure that space was maximised and performance enhanced.

The product was transferred within defined sections to ensure supply was not affected during the move.

A transport system using a newly-established central hub was utilised to maximise loads and ensure supply.

The client was kept informed of the project's timeline and progress through a structured communication plan.


  • IESA was able to free up 30,000 sq. foot of space for the client, with no knock-on effect to the business.
  • The client now has access to a newly-established warehouse developed to best practice principles.