Multinational food manufacturer


The client had previously instigated and funded the relocation of its stores.

This relocation had been implemented by untrained temporary workers, which resulted in stock being placed in the new stores incorrectly and without cataloguing.


  • The IESA team was engaged to rectify the errors made in the initial relocation, by completely reorganising the stores and correctly cataloguing all items by label or barcode.
  • This was followed by establishing a world-class stores facility with all necessary IESA functionality as quickly as possible to prevent any disruption to site production.


An IESA stores envoy and a stores manager seconded from the manufacturer worked full-time on the project, with supervised support from the IESA client relation manager and the IESA client stores manager.

This team worked to ensure the implementation was executed in line with IESA world-class stores standards.

The project was completed within two weeks of the initial request being made to the IESA client relationship manager.


  • IESA's expertise in stores management, and extensive experience of managing stores implementation and relocation projects, ensured that world-class stores functionality was restored quickly.
  • IESA was able to rectify the errors made by the original relocation without any disruption to production on site.
  • The estimated client cost saving resulting from the reorganisation and reimplementation was £5,000.