UK Food manufacturer


Insufficient control mechanisms and processes meant the stores were not fit for purpose.

The client's stock profile did not match the goods actually contained in its stores, which led to the engineering team placing orders for items that were already on site.


  • To create a new stores environment of appropriate size and capacity to house the stock held on site.
  • There was also a requirement for a dedicated working area for IESA stores envoys who would oversee the operation.


IESA worked over a number of weeks to identify, catalogue and value all the items within the original stores.

IESA also added non-stock items to the stock profile.

Any items that were found to be unfit for purpose were disposed of in co-ordination with the site engineering team.

Once all the stock was catalogued and valued, IESA relocated to a new secure location with enough space to house the items.

A full stock check was completed during the relocation.

The IESA stores envoy was provided with a new working area to oversee the management of the stores.


  • The site now has full visibility of its stock, while the creation of a fully-functional stores environment has led to a 20% reduction in inventory costs.