Multi-site UK confectionery company


Replacement parts within the stores were difficult to locate during engineering breakdowns.

This resulted in unnecessary purchases and subsequent and avoidable inventory cost increases.


  • To identify and relocate items to designated areas of the stores.
  • To improve efficiency and reduce time searching for replenishment parts.


The IESA client stores manager identified and agreed areas of improvement with the site engineering manager.

Additional racking and storage containers were purchased, and stock items were organised by either commodity or by machine.

Obsolete stock was identified and removed from the stores area.

New barcode labels were printed and applied to the storage containers for each relocated item.

These labels contained the unique IESA stock code, item description and stores location.

The IESA field support team was utilised to oversee the project, and the IESA stores noticeboard displaying management information, key contact details and operational information was relocated to a more prominent position.


  • The client's stock accuracy rate has increased to 94%, an improvement of 3.6%.
  • The client has also seen an increase of 10% in completed requisitions for engineering parts taken from the stores.