Cloud Based Systems

MyMRO is the market-leading cloud-based, integrated supply platform. Fully customisable to each client's systems and requirements, it provides real-time data analysis and processes all transactions into a single, consolidated, itemised bill each reporting period.

MyMRO's enterprise resource planning (ERP) and tracking systems reduce the time spent on order checking, enquiries and reports, such that the status of essential items can be tracked and queried in real time, and each order individually coded and automatically acknowledged at key stages.

The benefits

  • Cost effective, paperless service.
  • 24/7 access and real-time information facilitates swifter decision making.
  • Approval workflows to allow control of expenditure.
  • Efficient handling of transactions and order tracking.
  • Compliance with pricing arrangements and agreed processes.
  • Facilitates the purchasing of non-stock (e.g. bespoke or one-off) items as well as routine restocking and catalogue-based purchases.
  • Consolidated invoicing and reporting in a format and timing prescribed by the client.
  • Globally accessible without proprietary hardware or software requirements.

Stock Control

  • Stock location.
  • Inventory valuation and reconciliation.
  • Cycle counting by inventory classification.
  • Perpetual inventory management and re-engineering.
  • Issues, returns, adjustments of stock.
  • Barcode import support.

The system

  • Standard layouts for all transactions.
  • Data validation of all purchase orders, invoices, and supplier payments as part of their processing.
  • Retained audit trail that allows tracking of transactions, price and other item changes - each record has a time and date stamp and a user ID to ensure accountability for actions.
  • Automatic replenishment ordering based upon reorder points and quantities for stock parts.
  • Performance measurement.
  • Multi level approvals set up based on customer requirements, for example on employee's total requisition or new item thresholds.
  • Approved requisitions converted to purchase orders for transmission.
  • Ordering by bill of materials.
  • Lead time performance used to calculate due date and re-order parameters.
  • Commodity coding for new products.
  • Expandable and fully scalable to large configurations.
  • Full function level and customisable security.

Reporting & data transfer

  • Standard export functions to make system data available to other systems.
  • Standard and custom report capability gives the user full access to their data.
MyMRO Marketplace

For clients with punch-out technology such as SAP SRM, Ariba ASN or proprietary eProcurement systems, MyMRO Marketplace provides a platform which accesses an extensive range of vendors and features, all through a single point of contact.

Client system

Cloud Based Systems
  • One connection development.
  • One punchout for users to learn.
  • A marketplace of millions of materials from leading category vendors specified by the client.
  • Punchout to suppliers' live websites - bring back baskets into MyMRO Marketplace.
  • Users can compare and edit baskets in MyMRO and then bring back multi-supplier baskets into the system with one click.
  • Freetext order merged into punchout suppliers.
  • Quotation request and pickup.
  • Purchasing category mapping to client categories in real time to guarantee 100% match on import of basket.
  • Unit of measure mapping to client categories in real time to guarantee 100% match on import of basket.
  • Category buying compliance checking in real-time - ensuring that users are buying materials from the correct suppliers, improving supply contract compliance.
  • Proven technology - 1000s of lines per day placed by world class, blue chip manufacturers since 2008.

Non-stock orders & requests

Items not included in the online catalogue may be placed in a ‘non-stock orders' area of the website, ensuring a true 'one-stop-shop' approach and guaranteeing control of all indirect expenditure through one system.


MyMRO provides an extensive online help facility, together with a database of previous orders and issues to capture both qualitative and quantitative information for future analysis and process improvement.

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