Case Studies - Outsourced Procurement

Find out how IESA has helped manufacturing businesses to streamline procurement processes, delivering average 'cost of product' savings of over 11%.

  • Procurement Savings

    When IESA took over stores and procurement management from a prior incumbent, it was challenged with achieving savings on cost of goods. Additionally, it was tasked with consolidating the client's supplier base.

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  • Procurement Rationalisation

    The client set IESA an annual cost savings target of 2.5%.

    IESA aimed to surpass the client's expectations of cost savings by finding new opportunities to reduce costs while maintaining quality levels without affecting supply.

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  • Product Rationalisation

    An IESA-initiated stores survey, in conjunction with one of our partner suppliers, identified that the company was purchasing ten different brands of ISO/VDMA cylinders.

    There was no uniform price or lead time for the cylinders, which were also located in different areas of the stores.

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  • Procurement Added Value

    The IESA purchasing team regularly review stock items that form the top ten highest-spend categories at each client location.

    An opportunity was identified that would deliver significant cost savings to the client.

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  • Supplier Rationalisation

    To deliver procurement savings through improved vendor management, leveraging best price options, improving compliance with preferred suppliers and improve the collation of cost of product data.

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