IESA enters Deloitte Futures 1000

Deloitte Futures 1000 - the UKF1000

Deloitte have included IESA in the 1,000 British businesses – the UKF1000 – with turnover between £30m and £1bn, which generated a staggering 55% growth in revenues in the past three years, accounting for 7.8% of GDP last year, underlining what the corporate sector can achieve. If these businesses grew at the same rate over the next three years, they would generate an extra £61.3bn of revenues by 2014, equivalent to 4.3% of GDP.

The UKF1000 have created nearly 170,000 jobs since 2008 – the equivalent of the population of Swansea – during a period when overall UK employment fell by 1.3%. To put this into perspective, if this same rate of employment growth was achieved across the UK private sector it would eliminate UK unemployment in a single year.

The UKF1000 illustrate the growth opportunities outlined in UK Futures and give a glimpse into the way that the UK economy may be rebalancing. Over the coming months the phase 2 of our strategic campaign would conduct detailed research with these companies to identify their opportunities and challenges, articulate the core drivers that would enable British businesses of all sizes to succeed in the new decade and propose a medium to long term wealth creation roadmap for the business sector as a whole.

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