Procurement Services

Manufacturing businesses typically focus on the (approximately) 80% of expenditure incurred on direct materials (those required to produce the goods they manufacture). The remaining (approximately) 20% is incurred on indirect materials and is often both highly fragmented and under managed, representing both a significant cost and a missed opportunity for the business. IESA focuses on streamlining this 20%, delivering real cost savings for assembly, manufacturing and process businesses in their non-core indirect materials categories, such as MRO.

During 2013/2014 IESA procured over £120m of indirect materials for clients and, as service provider rather than product distributor is able to offer flexible independent sourcing solutions of over 1.1m products throughout Germany, Ireland and the UK.

Last year IESA delivered average 'cost of product' savings of over 11% to clients by consolidating the supplier base and utilising the advantages offered through its leveraged preferred supplier chain whilst maintaining existing relationships with specialised and local vendors where necessary. IESA's network of preferred suppliers also provides 24hr out of office services, technical support, OEM conversion, product consolidation, training programmes, repair and recertification processes and many other services essential in modern manufacturing.

Always mindful of each client's individual requirements, IESA cultivate both local and specialist national suppliers, building long standing relationships, providing unparalleled services levels and supporting local economies.

IESA is uniquely positioned to procure up to 100% of client MRO/indirect requirementswhilst delivering real cost of product savings, improved support services, enhanced flexibility and delivers a consolidated supply chain.

Why choose IESA?

  • 1
    We can source and supply 100% of your indirect spend.
  • 2
    We are not a distributor therefore never encourage you to purchase more than you need, at higher prices than absolutely necessary or our own brand products.
  • 3
    We generate real savings for business across all of their indirect spend categories.
  • 4
    We can source all of the world's major brands, allowing you to buy quality at a lower price.
  • 5
    With over 600 vendor branch locations throughout Germany, Ireland and the UK, whenever you need supplies they are local to you.
  • 6
    Unlike alternative providers, our approach is directly aligned with yours – we seek to buy as few items as possible at the lowest available costs.
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