Transactional Processing

During 2013, IESA processed over 12,000 purchase orders and more than 3,000 invoices on behalf of clients every day, consolidating these transactions into one invoice per client per reporting period.

The advantages here are clear. With IESA managing the entire P2P process, clients’ finance departments no longer raise purchase orders, chase suppliers for delivery details, conduct goods procedures, investigate pricing queries, ‘three way match’ purchase orders to goods receipt notes and purchase invoices, process purchase invoices, pay suppliers and reconcile supplier statements, thereby releasing significant resource, instead managing the processes through, IESA’s industry-leading, proprietary cloud-based software system, which replicates client purchase information within the system throughout the P2P process.

There are several ways to calculate the financial benefit of this service and the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply has stated that the average cost of processing for the full life cycle of a single purchase order is £50.00. Alternatively, the removal of the entire P2P process for all indirect supplies enables clients to redirect their existing finance, purchasing, engineering and general management resources to production-related activity – activity which can then be quantified and used to deduce the cost benefit delivered by IESA, and as a third option clients may choose to release all in-house P2P resource, so releasing significant cost savings.

Irrespective of the route clients choose to purchase, IESA’s approach delivers real overhead cost reductions and, in 2013, IESA delivered a 35% reduction to those costs.

IESA also our vendor partners with a portal to monitor and manage their own invoice life cycle, as well as a single point of contact for all payment enquiries.

Regardless of how you choose to calculate the financial benefit, it is clear that IESA is able to deliver real savings to clients' overhead costs and last year this resulted in a 35% reduction in our clients' overhead costs.

Due to the automated nature of IESA’s P2P process, IESA is able to manage a significant number of consumable and OEM vendors – currently more than 24,000 – all the while maintaining low cost overheads and passing savings directly to clients.

IESA Stores Management

As an independent provider of Industrial BPO supply solutions, IESA is able to manage many more supplier relationships on behalf of our clients than could be handled by those clients in-house. That independence also acts as a differentiator in the marketplace, providing greater choice to clients, and facilitated by a world class transactional processing platform.

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