Case study - Supplier insight forum

The Supplier Insight Forum was established in August 2020 and encourages our Buyers and Stores Envoys to work alongside the Procurement team to ensure our clients experience exceptional service from IESA.

We recognise that while we can offer choice through a wide range of suppliers to our clients; there are circumstances when other options maybe be suitable to meet their needs. So that we can understand how we can improve we need to give our people the right tools to be able to share these recommendations with the wider business. Therefore the Supplier Insight Forum has been created.

Each week a call is hosted by our Supplier Relationship team. It is open to all colleagues and currently has representation from across the business including Stores Envoys, Buyers,   CRM &TBM team and a representative from a different supplier each week. The calls have assisted with improving communication as well as providing guidance and tips on specific products and suppliers in local areas around the country.

In addition this forum gives colleagues the opportunity to recommend suppliers to IESA, who we may not have previously engaged with. Our procurement team follow up with all recommendations in order to understand what they can offer IESA and if such a partnership can be mutually beneficial.

Although the forum has only been running for a few weeks, the team have had 35 recommendations to work on, 14 of these have been successfully actioned already, this is fantastic progress!

What have we achieved so far?

From those 14 we have been able to permanently unlock eight suppliers. This means that the process for order goods from these those supplier is quicker, and no delays.

Five recommendations have been feedback to one of our preferred suppliers. This is an excellent way for us to ensure we are including them in this journey and will continue the fantastic relationship we have with them as well as broaden the range of products they are able to offer us.

One has been added as a new supplier to SAP, which is Advanced Water Treatment.

In addition to these 14 it is helping us to identify new partnerships as we approach manufacturers directly which delivers greater savings and improved service to our clients. We are currently going through this process with Diaphragm Pumps. We are currently sourcing their products through a third party but are now taking the steps to deal with them directly.

We continue to review further recommendations from this forum and a huge thank to everyone who has been involved so far. 

If you have a recommendation and are unable to attend the calls you can send details via this form and the team will feedback to you on an individual basis at a time that is convenient to you!


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