Our Engineering Team has a mission

To be ‘the’ engineering partner in the supply chain and efficiently align client demand for components, systems and services, to the most capable and cost effective source…to integrate solutions from an engineering perspective. They provide dedicated support to our clients, seeking value solutions that bring real benefit. They cover all types of industry: Food and Beverage, Process, Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Heavy industry, Marine, FMCG

Client development

Support the implementation process and preparation of the identification of project types and disciplines during the onboarding process of a new client.

Central team

Central subject matter experts for each discipline, electrical, mechanical, fluid power etc.

Provide guidance and support to the client relative to their client sector.

Co-ordinating the roll out of successful cross-client synergies.

Delivering a high volume of engineering benefits to our clients through a co-ordinated approach based on sector, process and vendor selection.

Client specific

Client Value Engineers are focussed solely on their client. Supported by the Central Team they will work with the stakeholders to develop the road map of opportunities. They will identify, develop and pre-qualify initiatives to take to stakeholder approval.


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