The procurement of indirect materials typically represents 5% of a business’ transaction value but over 80% of the transaction volume. It is the transactions within the P2P process that incur the cost to a business. On average clients can achieve overhead cost reduction of over 50%.

IESA’s eProcurement, procurement and storeroom management solutions allow our clients to reduce and, in many cases, remove the entire P2P process.

Lower costs

The move to consolidated procurement reduces the time required to search for suppliers & products, raise quotations, place the order, chase the supplier & receive the delivery and reduces cost

Increase resources

Outsourcing the P2P process enables clients to redirect their existing finance, purchasing, engineering and general management resources to core production related activity – activity which can then be quantified and used to create cost benefit to core activities

Reduce overheads

When IESA is responsible for the accounts payable process you no longer need to process thousands of invoices and pay hundreds of suppliers. It is taken care of for you. 60% of businesses are seeking supplier rationalisation, a continuing trend.


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